Chocolate Molinillo.
Children don’t see the world as it is. Everything is something else, shinier, bigger, more fantastic. Chocolate Molinillo wants to create anything a child can imagine. Amazing spaces, unforgettable events, unique products, all to fill their lives with enchanting memories. We set out to remind parents what it’s like when everything is a surprise. The result is a brand development that includes special pop-up invitations, quirky illustrations and a heavy dose of magic. 
Every childhood is it’s own fairytale, and Chocolate Molinillo wants to tell them all.  
Chocolate Molinillo x Analog.
Photography x Chino Zenteno.
Business Immersion: Business Modeling, Benchmarking, Attributes Mapping.
Brand Strategy: Customer Profiling, Value Proposition Design, Positioning Statement.
Brand Identity: Slogan, Logotype, Graphic Behaviour & Brand Voice.
Commercial Tools: Stationery, Sales Presentations, Animations, Illustration.
Brand Communications: Event Invitations, Social Responsability Tools.
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