Chocolate Molinillo

Brand development for Chocolate Molinillo. A group of event and interior designers focused on creating magical experiences for as many children as possible.

Chocolate Molinillo.
Children don’t see the world as it is. Everything is something else, shinier, bigger, more fantastic. Chocolate Molinillo wants to create anything a child can imagine. Amazing spaces, unforgettable events, unique products, all to fill their lives with enchanting memories. We set out to remind parents what it’s like when everything is a surprise. The result is a brand development that includes special pop-up invitations, quirky illustrations and a heavy dose of magic. 
Every childhood is it’s own fairytale, and Chocolate Molinillo wants to tell them all.  
Chocolate Molinillo x Analog.
Photography x Chino Zenteno.
Business Immersion: Business Modeling, Benchmarking, Attributes Mapping.
Brand Strategy: Customer Profiling, Value Proposition Design, Positioning Statement.
Brand Identity: Slogan, Logotype, Graphic Behaviour & Brand Voice.
Commercial Tools: Stationery, Sales Presentations, Animations, Illustration.
Brand Communications: Event Invitations, Social Responsability Tools.
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