Everything coming from earth is naturally beautiful.
Two Rossana’s and one Mariana wished for a place that was naturally beautiful where people and nature would dialog and appreciate each other. Inspired in nature, with a strong bon goût applied everywhere.
We imagined a place like this and, in co-creation with a handful of bold talent : graphic designer Daniela Morales, and interior / architectural designers Germán Deheza & Ricardo Ríos (ONO), Invertebra was born.
Vertebrae for those with a backbone, Invertebrae for the rest.
We believe plants give life to all spaces and enhance it with beauty such as homes, offices, restaurants and open spaces, therefore, Terrarium Décor suited harmoniously.
Working side by side with Germán Deheza & Ricardo Ríos, we designed an experience based in nature elements, giving a backbone to an invertebrae.
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