Jacques is the most chic boulevard café spot where girls 
of all ages go to chat and taste benevolent beverages.

Ana Elisa wanted this in her hometown and make a landmark, 
with the most enjoyable coffees, juices and teas a girl could love.

Girls of Monclova needed a place that was half french, half american.

And the way we achieved this was to fusion both american and european ingredients and flavours
in a healthy spirit and a chic presentation.

Je m’appelle Jacques.

For the most inviting experience for girls, we let a boy do the talking.
No last name for simplicity, in french for sophistication. 


Monclova is a city with one street to encounter all sorts of businesses and where most activity happens. 
We wanted it for ourselves; to be the statement of a coffee shop of this street, hence Boulevard Café.

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