PHOTO: (El Popocateptl), (Cabo San Lucas), (Monterrey), (Chichen-Itza) uploaded by laonis, (Palacio de Bellas Artes)


Mexican music is extraordinary, colorful, alive. It is timeless.
Professor Juan Carlos García Amaro has played mexican music for more than 30 years.
Businessman Pablo Salazar has catapulted successful business for base of pyramid mexicans.
Amaro and Pablo met, the artist met the businessman, and this is how the song begins.
Pablo y Juan Carlos emprenden un viaje musical donde las notas resuenan en nosotros como claras imágenes de montañas, aves, ríos, pueblos y ciudades de México.
Esta es una historia de amor por la música, es una historia de amor por México.
Pablo had the platform, Amaro the music.
Amaro has the present, Pablo the future.
Pablo has the money, Amaro the art.
Amaro has the what, Pablo the how.
Pablo wanted mexican music in everybody's ears, Amaro did too.
MILAMORES ®  (Lover of a thousand, maybe even more)
"Si la vida es un jardín,
las mujeres son las flores,
el hombre es el jardinero,
que corta de las mejores.
Yo no tengo preferencia
por ninguna de las flores,
me gusta cortar de todas;
me gusta ser mil amores."
TOCA EL CORAZÓN DE MÉXICO ® (Touches the heart of Mexico, also, plays the heart of Mexico.)
We used a double-entendre tagline to appeal to the most,
to make resonate two senteces that communicate to play, and to touch.
Shape, Typeface, & Color
PHOTO: Top to bottom: (Eagle 1), (Eagle 2) — Wikipedia
The 'M' shape expression is born form the representation of the eagle, which is the most emblematic figure of Mexico; it is our national coat of arms. It keeps its golden beak and its plumage open and colorful.
As a synthese of the identity, a heart, which originates both the plumage and the 'M'.
MILAMORES ( naming ) is found written exquisitely in the classic ITC Caslon 224.
In the eagle's plumage, Mexico's multi-cultured mix is represented, the different nuances
that involve our cultural wealth are expressed in a multi-colored palette. 
Stationery Set, Envelope Paper for the Direct Mailing Brochure & Handout
Brochure, Cover Detail
Color palette; Set Lighting.
Website Development / Grupo W
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