The most famous and well put restaurant in Torreón, México, claims its grill-master reign.
Nicanor is the place for the most delicious grilled food for causal dining.
Gerardo wanted a classic, to serve food that is grilled, from vegetables to meat.
Being benevolent in the menu offering got him where Nicanor is today :
Variety in the menu means variety of customers.
Nicanor is a typical north-mexican name, with greek origins (Nikanor) meaning victorious (nike).
It gains its force with the “r” at the end of the word, where the phonetic pulse is intended, giving
it character and statement-ship, thus, resulting in a rhyme with the brand’s slogan: Cocina de Asador.


We wanted to let everyone know how food is done and to honour the use of the grill,
as the regional cooking tool for meat, tacos, vegetables, even desserts that are served
here, ergo, Cocina de Asador (Grill Kitchen).
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