NØPØP is a unique tea bar.
Ricardo, Gerardo & Daniel are the tea party; they wanted a relaxed place where tea was drunk irreverently at all hours, music was heard and tea was accompanied by an extraordinary mix of flavours made Pans & Salads. Everything in this place has a je ne sais quoi that sparkles your senses.
NØPØP is the home of the unconventional taste.
San Pedro needed this place: A big girlie, a bit muscle.
For the most of girls that visit this place, they enjoy the chit-chatting, the flavours, the garden. Some smoke, some take picture, others are doing homework or workwork, and for all we know, girls are happy here.
Teas / No Sodas.
Shaken / No Stirring.
Unconventional / No Gimmicks.
Original / No Popular.
Photo credits: http://synapsebristol.blogspot.mx/2013_05_01_archive.html
Unconventional Taste.
Taste is to flavour as well as to elegance.
We believe that everything that happens and is being made at NØPØP
has a secret, original, unconventional ingredient that enchants us.
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