We all are children at heart.
Moni has a children's apparel, toys, and baby accessories store that fulfils every mother's desire.
When you come in the store, you want to take everything with you.
Upscale clothing, toys, and accesories need a brand to live up the promise.
We developed a brand facelift to make sure the quality, tenderness and playfulness became noticable for parents and grand-parents, with the inclusion of a teddy bear's face and a tagline, everything inside had a main concept to look up to.
The name remained the same.
It has the value of cuteness attached to the market segment who benefits primarily for the products sold, as well as being appleaing to mothers and grandmas (the big people).
We celebrated the originality of the brands inside the shop with the joy of being kids, the ones that enjoy that now (kids), and the other ones that once were children (all the rest).
Deep inside, we all are children at heart.
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Tiny People - Creatures
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