Ver De Verdad
f.t. "To truly see"
Hugo had the business vision of selling lenses to the poor with a rich soul: cheap, fast and durable.
Together we made a promise: To treat BoP Markets like they should always have: A fair price, a fulfilling experience and a friendly community-spirited brand.
This promise also made people enjoy a "buying lenses experience" versus feeling
"I'm going to the doctor" experience, wich turned out very positive.
Breaking Base Of Pyramid (BoP) Markets Paradigms
"An identity like this one might scare away those people,
they will think is expensive, that is not for them."
— Wrong.
"Minimalism for the poor, you are taking a huge risk."
— Wrong.
"They (BoP Markets) want the same thing they have always experienced:
a low price, a dirty shop and most of all, the product right there on the sreet."
— Wrong again.
Ver De Verdad
A free translation would be "To truly see."
We believed in naming this business the most-honest-possible way, it was clear to us that this promise made name would  be powrful, straightforward and true.
Tus lentes, bien fácil.
Your lenses, way easy.
Again, a promise directed to the audience enhanced by three main brand attributes:
— Lenses price starting at $250
— An In-Store, clear, 5.steps buying circuit, visible to everyone.
— 45 ms waiting time.
Internal Store Communication
Brand Communication
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