Creativity & fun come first.
Alejandro, Sean & Marcelo dreamed of a place where creativity, fun and flavours
were the main ingredients.
This is when Yumorama came to life.
Nothing new in terms of product.
Everything new in experiencing a frozen yogurt.

We developed a brand filled with the color (communicating the diversity of flavours and toppings), expressed on the brand face as well as in the interiors, packaging and plastic, reusable spoons.

Everything here is made to communicate fun, creativity and flavours.
This is the kingdom of yumm.
The name directly points to enjoyment: to yum is to mmmh, as aaah is to I love it.
We then wanted to express "a wide place" or reign, we went with the suffix "-rama",
as in panorama and thus, Yumorama had a name.
Eventually people called it "yumo", which is short for fun and delicious frogurt.
Make Your Frogurt
We considered a call-to-action slogan that communicated and prepared people to what they were about to enconunter, so we established "Make your own" as the main C2A, right next to the product category, which we shortened to Frogurt™, meaning Frozen Yogurt.
Colaboration with digital artist "El Grand Chamaco"
New flavor communication
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